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MD25, Margarida Dias, paisagem estranha enranha, porto

MD25, © Margarida Dias
[...]"It is almost inevitable to remember Alice who, lost in Wonderland, decifers enigmas, finds beauty and ugliness, good and bad, sanity and madness, running away from, and trying to find, herself in an immense and beautiful underground garden where, having to face many and unexpected adventures, she finds and explores capacities previously unknown to her.
Margarida Dias has always worked to simplify metaphors and enigmas, in no hurry. Her rabbit is not the White Rabbit who, with an enormous watch, led Alice to his burrow that would later reveal an unending tunnel that once passed, took her to a long corridor leading to an atrium surrounded by closed doors that impose on her choices as decisions." [...]
Excerpts from Entre a casa exterior e a casa interior by Ana Isabel Ribeiro.

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