Arles 2017 · Paisagem estranha entranha

Paisagem estranha entranha · 2017 · Multimedia & Exhibition Project · Festival Voies Off · Arles

We are pleased to announce that Paisagem estranha entranha (2012) makes its debut in Arles in the Festival Voies Off this year as a multimedia and wall exhibit, as well as various other activities to be announce locally.

Paisagem estranha entranha 2017 has its tectonic base in landscape photography, a genre undergoing an accelerating fragmentation process in contemporary photographic practice, are the thrust of this project show.

The multimedia component presents five notable photographer’s work (links will be updated):
Freya Najade (De/UK) [photographs] / Jenny Sansom [music] - Hackney Marshes [under production]
Julie Hascoët (Fr) [photographs] / Chris Scott Moskovich [music] - La Hora de la Verdad [under production]
Anne Holmes (Fr/USA) [photographs] / Pedro G. Marques aka Dead by Request [music] - Color me Night, 5’13”
# José Bacelar (Pt) [photographs] / Pedro G. Marques aka Dead by Request [music] - Mirror of Heaven, 4’33”
# Leonardo Wen (Br) - Metabrasilia, 4’51” 

The so called “curators” are “peers” of the works projected, “indexing” the work shown;  they show their own work, a hardcore curatorship statement, on the Van Gogh Wall (corner of Place Voltaire with Rue Portagnel) -  Armando Ribeiro (Pt/UK) and Miguel Proença (Pt). The project also includes portfolio review sessions and talks around place Volltaire, details to be announced in situ .

Venue: Place Voltaire , pcf building
Opens: July 2 (Sunday) at 18h, 10 to 21h daily

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