Metabrasília, © Leonardo Wen, paisagem estranha entranha, Porto, 2014, multimedia

, © Leonardo Wen
Naked Brasília
Like people, cities only open up for those willing to see them. Leonardo Wen, born in Brasília, subverts the common ideas about the Brazilian capital, its modernist architecture and its urbanism. He shows a city of contradictions, captured by the eye of someone who knows it as few people do.There are signs, shadows, walls and trees. A city without heroes or monuments, living between light and darkness, through which people pass, sometimes without even noticing. A pulsating and alive place, unrecognisable at first glance, since the author avoids the obvious and disguises the well-known landmarks.Generously, Brasília has let itself be photographed and seen as if it was naked. These images reconstruct the atmosphere of the capital, and in doing this, pay the city an homage.
Simonetta Persichetti, Photography Critic

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