The “paisagem estranha entranha” ([e]strange[d] interior[ized] landscape) project began taking shape in 2011, with its first public moment as a group exhibition by the same name at Casa das Artes de Tavira in 2012. During that initial public contact the current project´s orientation and goals were set out.
These initial goals and orientation set out to establish productive terms of reference to work “landscape” without necessarily trying to establish a clear definition of the term itself. We set out to think of landscape as the result of an action, of a staged scene, carried out by those modifying or photographing it.

On its second public moment at the Galeria Geraldes da Silva in Oporto, that pursuit continued and a new variable was thrown into the equation, that makes this project more pungent and inclusive - the choice to include local artists producing work that relates to the theme.   

The presentation mode chosen – exhibition and multimedia projection – for the work, also points to a slippage in photography, where digital technology has modified, accelerated and even fragmented our photographic way of thinking.

And so for the coming instalments of “paisagem estranha entranha” ([e]strange[d] interior[ized] landscape) we intend to continue to show landscapes that challenge the concepts and open our senses to new ways of seeing the world(s) we live in.

This is a Work in Progress...

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