Valter Ventura | MAPAS PRECEDENTES, «Compendium of Nothing» series

Compêndio do nada, Valter Ventura, in paisagem estranha entranha 2014, Porto
Compêndio do nada series © Valter Ventura
  The map precedes the territory 
Jean Baudrillard,
Simulacra and Simulations, 1983. 

In language "being" (person) and "being" (place) are confusing terms. One of the most remote philosophical questions combines personal knowledge ("Who am I?"), with the idea of traveling in space ("where I come from?" and "where am I going?").
The notion of nothing is astounding. We don't know it, we don't possess the words to describe it, and we don't have the images to identify it. It's the border of what we are, and the boundary of were we are.VV

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