Paisagem revelada, José Paulo Ferro, paisagem estranha entranha, porto, tavira

Paisagem revelada, © José Paulo Ferro
My first individual painting exhibition was entitled Regresso à Paisagem ("Return to landscape"), and it was dedicated to António Carneiro.
During the last years my work has once again turned towards landscape, and trees and clouds in particular. Laboratory work with its accidents and the desire to recicle photographic paper, led me to discover the "quimigramas" ("chemical-grams").
From the experiments carried out using brushes, hands and fingers (for digital results), I preferred the landscapes that resulted from the immersions of paper in developer. The result where chemistry, gesture and chance draw the landscape, is what I propose for this exhibition.
JPF (excerpts).

For more information on the work for the Tavira exhibition and his bio visit:
» CAT - Paisagem estranha entranha

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