Miguel Proença | TERRA CINZA

Terra Cinza, Miguel Proença in paisagem estranha entranha, multimedia, 2014, Porto

Terra Cinza © Miguel Proença
The photographs of the abandoned (1964) São Domingos mine ruins take the absence of colour to the extreme of black and white, removing from that landscape, from those ruins, a dominating reason for amazement,  thus opening up the possibility for an alternative viewing experience, and also establishing an initial connection with the burnt hill ecology.
Representing the spatiality of the two situations - mine and hills - was also an important concern, and to this effect panoramic images (6 images, c. 150-180º view) were assembled and these views complemented by more tightly framed photographs. In the panoramic views, the viewpoint intentionally avoids dominating the landscape in order to provide various paths for the observer to follow, to be drawn, to be lured, and to “enter”. 
For this multimedia version of "Terra cinza" Armando Ribeiro re-edited the work, Pedro Gomes Marques selected David Shea's Giton's theme as music. David kindly contributed the use of his music to the multimedia presentation. I still recognize the initial photo work, but here the photographs gain an unspeakable dimension, an autonomy and a plasticity beyond description. What a collaboration, thank you!

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