Anne Holmes | COLOR ME NIGHT

Anne Holmes, Color me night multimedia, paisagem estranha entranha, Tavira.

Color me night
, © Anne Holmes
A certain kind of magic happens when the sun goes down. Shadows play tricks on the imagination. Colours take on a new richness and depth. Forms become blurred, abstract, more painterly and mysterious. People simmer down and reveal themselves, angels becoming demons and demons becoming angels. Mythic creatures appear, and the line between what is safe and what you want, between madness and inspiration, becomes as nebulous as some of the resulting images. 

Obscurity lends itself to a kind of reverie. A threshold presents itself, daring you to cross it, to dream and to live as in a dream. This journal by night is an expression of that space where the infinite and the finite seem to mingle with ease - a space I often find myself in, plotting my own destiny. AH

For more information on the work and bio visit:
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